Newsletter Manager Pro v.12.5

Performance and specifications


  • Newsletter Manager Pro runs on Windows servers with IIS. Shared, cloud or dedicated hosting will do fine.
  • Supported databasesMS Access (default), SQL Server and mySQL (r.5 or higher). The installation is web-based, sample connection strings are provided. Change two lines and you are ready to use SQL Server or mySQL.
  • Works with all standards-compliant SMTP servers such as MS Exchange Server, MS IIS, MailEnable, IMail Server, SmarterMail, hMailServer, Merak etc. Compatible with 3rd party SMTP providers.
  • You can setup multiple SMTP servers that will rotate with every new batch. Ssl/tls connections are supported for most widely used email components (CDOSYS and AspEmail). The CDO (and Cdonts) save-to-pickup method is also supported.
  • It is developed in Active Server Pages (classic ASP) and runs amazingly fast on Windows servers. Source code is open.
  • Works with all major email components (see next paragraph).
Windows servers
Works with MS Access database as-is (default)
Works with SQL Server database
Works with mySQL database

For Linux servers we recommend nuevoMailer.

Performance considerations

  • Newsletter Manager Pro is an email marketing software, ideal for small and medium sized businesses and sites managing from 200 to 4-5 million subscribers.
  • Critical parameters that affect performance are the volume and frequency of your campaigns, the SMTP service as well as the server power and characteristics (memory, processing power).
  • For large mailing lists and high volume campaigns it is better to use a more powerful database such as SQL Server or mySQL.
  • By using the batch sending feature you lower the load on your server, you spread evenly in time the generated traffic and you overcome any restrictions that your host may impose on the amount of emails you can send per time period.
    The number of emails that can be sent per hour depends on your host server's specifications and load, the SMTP provider and on the email component used and this varies from 5000 to 35000 emails per hour.

Add-on modules

Process bounced emails with the Bounce Manager add-on.
Schedule your mailings with the NPro Scheduler add-on.

Extensive email component support

Email component
Inline images
+ + + +
+ + - +
Persits AspEmail +
+ + +
Soft Artisans Smtp mail
+ + + -
+ + + -
Server Objects ASPMail *
+ + + -
Dundas Mail
+ + + -
EasyMail (QuikSoft)
+ + - -
+ + - -
Bamboo smtp
+ - - -
OCX mail
+ - - -
* When sending html emails with attachments using Server Objects ASPMail the html and/or the multi-part content is lost. This is a limitation of the specific component.
+ You need Persits with premium features installed to use the multi-part feature. All good hosts usually have premium features installed.
You will find a test utility that shows which email components are supported at your server. Some email components may offer you more advanced features such as using a remote and/or multiple smtp servers, authentication, timing, queuing, in-line (embedded) images etc.
Newsletter Manager Pro v.12.5
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