Technical requirements

Products designed for Windows servers

Newsletter Manager Pro

Web server: web hosting on Windows servers (2000 and later) with support for classic ASP (Active Server Pages). In fact any version of Windows with IIS will do fine.
Databases: all Windows servers support MS Access. If you want to use mySQL or SQL Server then check if they are available in your hosting plan.
Email components: at least one of the following; CDO(SYS), CDONTS, Persits AspEmail (or AspEmail), Soft Artisans Smtp mail, Jmail, Server Objects ASPMail, Dundas Mail, aspSmartMail, Bamboo smtp, OCX mail, EasyMail.
The html editor of the administration panel works with any modern browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera. Please note that certain secondary features of the editor may vary by browser.
To see exactly what features you will have visit the demo and try the editor.
Your subscribers of course can use any browser (including mobile devices) to subscribe/unsubscribe, view the on-line newsletters archive and privacy page and in general interact with you.

NPro Bounce manager

In order to run NPro Bounce Manager you need Newsletter Manager Pro and either one of these pop3 components installed on your server:
  • Chilkat Email ActiveX by Chilkat Software, Inc. (This component is provided by us, licensed, at no extra cost for you).
  • AspPOP3 by ServerObjects Inc.
  • w3JMail v 4.4 (or later) professional edition by Dimac Development. License prices starting from USD 75.00 (may change) .
  • DynuPOP3 professional edition by Dynu Systems Inc License prices starting from USD 29.99 (may change) .
These components are widely popular among hosting companies. Therefore it is quite likely that they are already installed on your server. You can ask your host about them but you can also check if they are installed directly from your Newsletter Manager Pro administration panel (Menu > Add-ons > Bounce manager).

NPro Windows service

The Windows service component is built with 3.5 framework (also available in .net 2.0) You need framework 3.5 (or later) installed on the server where the Windows service will be installed. Can also be installed on a different machine (other than where NPro is installed). And in some cases it can be replaced by another scheduling utility that some Hosts provide.
Shared hosting environments
In order to install the Windows service in a shared server/host you will need your host's permission. Or use a 3rd party scheduling utility.
Dedicated servers
You run your own server and you have full control of what to install.

Using Linux, PHP and mySQL?

Have a look at nuevoMailer
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