Is this the right solution for your organization?

Before making a decision you must consider several factors.

Installation and usage

Newsletter Manager Pro is web-based and browser-based.
You install it on your web-server and you use it with your browser. You do not install it on your personal computer.


You purchase your own licensed copy to install and use as often and as much as you like. Which means that you only pay once. It is not provided as a service. When buying newsletter management software as a service you usually pay a fixed monthly fee plus a variable fee related to the amount of emails/newsletters that you send.

Organizational structure / Administrative needs

More suitable for single entities (companies/organizations). You can have unlimited mailing lists. All mailing lists share the same sender's and reply-to email accounts. You can create sign up forms and place them in different web sites. It supports several administrator accounts who can all see and do the same things (not independent). This should be ok for most small & medium sized companies . However, if within your organization you must have distinct roles between the person who designs the content (newsletter) and/or the person who manages the subscribers/list and/or the person who performs and overviews the campaigns then you may want to consider an alternative solution.

Mailing load, size of your mailing list

Beware when you read "unlimited". The software does not limit you but there are natural limits in the underlying hardware and software infrastructure. Example: a database has a maximum limit of rows it can have (number of subscribers).
Our tools can easily handle a few million subscribers. The more subscribers you have and the more intensive your campaigns are the more optimized your hosting environment should be. nuevoMailer can perform better than Newsletter Manager Pro when dealing with very big lists (more than 300k).

Technical requirements

Newsletter Manager Pro runs on Windows servers. Basically you need a server running the Windows operating system or as commonly said a Windows hosting plan. Both shared and dedicated hosting plans would do fine. Newsletter Manager Pro can be used with the following databases: MS Access, MS SQL Server, mySQL. By default it is distributed ready to work with MS Access. We provide the scripts to create the tables for MS SQL Server and mySQL.
If you use Linux hosting then see nuevoMailer. Built in PHP for mySQL and runs on Linux, Windows and more.
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