What to expect as a customer

By being our customer you enjoy:
  • Free updates for a year after your purchase
  • Free support for a year after your purchase
  • Purchase additional licenses at 50% discount
  • Private customer menu (explained below)
This is a snasphot of your account menu:
Your orders
You can see a summary of all your orders and details about each one. Here is where you download your software. You can also generate a discount code to acquire additional licenses at a 50% discount.
When we discover a bug we post the updated files in this area. These updates are always specific to your version of the software.
Contact support - View support tickets
Dedicated support area where you can create a support ticket and in addition you can check the status of your ticket.
Add your testimonial / Request a feature
Using this link you can add a testimonial and request a new feature. Our solutions are customer-driven. We take your requests seriously.
Update your profile
Keeping your contact details updated ensures good communication between us.
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