Updates and upgrades

You do not lose your data when upgrading

  • After you download the latest package refer to the setUp.html for upgrade instructions.
  • If it is a major upgrade that involves changes in the database you will run the set-up wizard to upgrade your existing database.


If your ordered within the last 12 months

  • Log in your account, go to your last order details page and download again the package.
  • Follow the instructions in the setUp.html.

Ordered before 12 months?

  • You can order new license(s) with 30% discount.
  • You can also order additional licenses with 30% discount.
  • You can use these licenses to update your existing installation or have new installations.
  • Log in your account, open your last order details page, create a discount code and use it with a new order.
  • Every new order gives you again 12 months of free updates and support.
  • Discount codes are product-specific. So if you want a custom discount code for a bundle or another product please contact us.

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