NPro Scheduler v.12.00

Campaign scheduling module


  • It allows you to start your campaigns in the future, set-up auto-responder campaigns, create recurrent mailings, automate birthday newsletters and set-up follow-up mailings.
  • It consists of two components. An application that you install on the host server and runs as a Windows service and some scripts/pages that you place in the administration panel of NPro.
  • The Windows service makes periodic requests to the installation of NPro. This means that you may also install it on a different machine than where NPro is installed and/or use an alternative scheduling utility that some Hosts provide (this is very convenient when you are in shared hosting).
  • The Windows service it restarts automatically after server reboot and it has very low server overhead.
  • It creates a log file that where every step about its operation is captured.
  • Administration is done via the admin panel of Newsletter Manager Pro.
  • Also available in a server edition. Suitable for those who have many installations of NPro at the same server.

Host server considerations

  • Shared hosting environment

  • You will need permission from your Host in order to install the Windows service. In fact it is only the server administrator who can install it. Some hosts may accept it. We provide full installation instructions (it is 5-10 min work) and related technical help.
  • Dedicated servers

  • This is the ideal case. You run your own dedicated server and you have full control of what to install. We provide full installation instructions and support.
  • Alternatives and workarounds

  • In case your Host refuses consider also that the Windows service can be installed on a different machine than the one you install Newsletter Manager Pro. And that some Windows Hosts offer a similar scheduling utility that can be used as an alternative to the Windows service. There are also 3rd party companies that offer similar scheduling utilities and they have both free and paid plans (example:

The server edition of NPro scheduler

NPro scheduler also comes in a server edition. The features are identical. You can learn more about it here.

Application scenarios

One-time mailings

You want to send a specific newsletter once at a given date/time in the future.
  • You create a new campaign
  • You create a scheduler task for this campaign and define the activation date/time that you want the sending to start
  • You may use the batch sending option (select "Send in batches and repeat until completed". Example: send 1000, wait 1 hour and so on) or not (select the "Send all messages at once" option).

Periodic or recurrent mailings

You regularly send a newsletter to a list. Suppose that you send a weekly newsletter to a list and you want to schedule this campaign.
  • You create a new campaign
  • You create a scheduler task for this campaign and define the activation date/time that you want the sending to start
  • Under recurrence settings, you check the "recurrent event" check box and you say for example: repeat every week. 1/week.
  • You can still use the batch sending option if you need to do so.

Send Birthday newsletters automatically

With Newsletter Manager Pro you can create a custom sign-up form that asks subscribers to enter their birthday. You may also import this info from another database when importing your subscribers. The steps are:
  • Create a birthday newsletter.
  • Create a birthday filter: Menu > Filter+ > Create birthday filter. You can use the same filter any day.
  • Create a new campaign that uses the filter and the newsletter you created.
  • Schedule this campaign and make the task recurrent (to repeat every day).

Automatic follow-ups by date subscribed (auto responders)

This is the classic scenario when a subscriber signs-up for your newsletter and you want to follow-up with ongoing newsletters at specific dates after he subscribed. You can fully automate this process in the following way.
  • Suppose you want to send a newsletter on the 3rd, 5th, 7th day after the day one subscribed.
  • Create 3 newsletters each one for a specific day.
  • Create 3 filters for these days: Menu > Filter+ > Follow-up by date subscribed.
  • Create 3 campaigns that use these newsletters and filters.
  • Schedule these campaigns and make the tasks recurrent (to repeat every day).
  • The scheduler will execute these campaigns daily and it will send the newsletters only to the subscribers that match the filter criterion.
  • Since these tasks are recurrent the scheduler will re-program these to run daily.


  • By scheduling your campaigns you don't have to be in front of your computer. Everything is done in the background.
  • Even if a sending fails or the server is re-started the scheduler will start again and continue the mailing from where it stopped.
  • You can put your periodic campaigns in auto-pilot. You create a periodic scheduler task and then you can work on your newsletter and have it ready just before the sending date.
  • By applying batch settings you can spread the mailing, over a week (days etc) instead of sending all newsletters at once.

Features & Operation

  • For the installation of NPro scheduler please refer to the user's guide.
  • After installation, Npro scheduler will periodically run (the repeat period of activation could be changed as you need) and check to see if there are any scheduled tasks in your database. When it finds a task it will execute it (=start sending the newsletters) according to your specifications.
  • The steps for a scheduled mailing are shown in the pictures below. More details are provided in the Users guide.
  • In your Newsletter Manager Pro you create a new mailing activity to be sent later.
  • Then you create (using Npro administration panel) a "Scheduler task". Please take a look at the following pictures:
This is the menu of Npro Scheduler.
You select a mailing activity as well as the date and time that you want the sending to start.
You have two options; you can either send all messages at once or send them in batches (next picture).
When you want to send your newsletters in batches you must also define the number of messages in the batch and the repeat period. The batch settings that you define in NPro scheduler are completely independent from those Npro offers for a manual sending.
>Recurrence settings: you may define a mailing activity as recurrent. Meaning that it is repeated at regular intervals. In this case Npro scheduler will automatically create the next mailing activity (after the first one ends). Refer to the Users guide for further details.
This picture shows all your "Scheduler tasks". When Npro scheduler runs it automatically updates the values "Date completed" and "Last execution from scheduler". Your mailing activity table is automatically updated in real time. It also creates a debug .txt file where key information about its operation is stored.

Technical details & Requirements

NPro scheduler is built in using 3.5 framework (also available in .net 2.0) and it is a Windows Service application. Source code is not provided. You need framework 3.5 installed (or .net 2.0) on the server where the scheduler will be installed.

Support, Installation & Updates

We can provide a free installation for you using a remote desktop connection.
As with all our solutions you have free support and access to the latest updates for 12 months after your purchase.

Your next steps

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  • 12 months free updates and support
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free installation from us (if needed)
  • Downloadable from your account menu
  • 50% discount on future orders of the same product.

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