Newsletter Manager Pro Developer license v.12.5

Unlimited installations

If you are interested in an unlimited installations license that you can install at your customers web sites as many times as you like then read further.
It includes the NPro Windows service server edition See details
The NPro bounce manager also included.

Technical differences

Set maximum number of emails - PayPal integrated

  • This is only available to Newsletter Manager Pro.
  • Allows you to set a total maximum number of emails that your customer can send.
  • It has a counter that records the number of emails the customer sends.
  • If the max limit is exceeded the customer is prompted to buy more "email credits".
  • It is PayPal IPN integrated so that the customer can buy more email credits as he likes. This is done automatically.
  • These "advanced settings" are only accessible to you (not to your customer).
  • You can integrate it with other payment gateways if you wish to do so and do the necessary programming work.
  • Besides the above, the look, feel, functionality and features are identical to the single license edition.
  • You can see some screenshots here

License terms

What you can do

  • You can install the product on an unlimited number of web sites that you created or will create.
  • You can integrate the product in your web designs / sites.
  • You can modify the source code to suit your particular needs.
  • You can set your own price to your own customers but in no case this can be lower than the public price.
  • You may use screenshots in your promotion. But for your own interest you must ensure that the screenshots do not point directly to our product.
  • You may rename the product.

What you cannot do

  • You cannot modify the code or in any way re-engineer it with the objective of making a new standalone product based on our product.
  • You cannot advertise it nor sell it directly online as your own product. This means that you cannot have "Buy now", "Add to basket", "Purchase online" or similar buttons (or links) available to the general public. You may only use such buttons if you plan to offer it as a service, hosted and administered by you.
  • You may not set up a demo installation available and/or accessible by the general public who visit your site.
  • You may not use sales-copy taken from
  • Read below about what you can do to promote the product.

Suggested promotion ideas (indicative but not exhaustive)

  • Set up a demo installation. We can assist you in this.
  • Write your own sales copy. What you offer, how, how much what are the benefits of it.
  • Ask your prospects to give you their contact details so you can follow up with them (example: use a form to ask for an email).
  • When you have their contact info send them a link to your demo installation.
  • You may also engage in direct advertising (e.g. direct mailing) with your existing customers or prospects.


Payment for the developer license is not refundable. You should first order a regular license so that you can properly evaluate the product and make sure that it works as you like and covers your needs.
Payment can be made by:
  • Credit card *
  • PayPal
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Check **
* If you choose to pay by credit card you may be asked to fax a signed copy of your credit card statement.
** With a check payment you will not have access to the software and the sale agreement will not be concluded until the check clears.

Other terms and conditions

  • You cannot resell this license.
  • This license is not a copyright transfer nor an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) transfer.
  • No direct or indirect association with our software may be implied or the name DesignerFreeSolutions may be used in your promotional activities.
  • Support is up to you or you can outsource it to us or to anyone you want.
  • You are entitled to free future updates for 12 months after your order. This period can be extended by ordering a new license with 30% discount. Read below for more details.
  • Some other provisions will also apply, in particular as to the limitation of liability. We consider these as typical in a software license agreement and therefore will not mention them here.
  • The complete license agreement including the terms stated in this page, will be signed by you and sent to us by fax as a form of contract. We will provide the document.

Updates and upgrades

By paying the full developer license cost you will receive the current release of a product and you will have access to updates and free support for 12 months after your order. This "free updates and free support period" can be extended for another 12 months by placing a new order with 30% discount.

Special note about third party products

A special note about bounce Manager and the Chilkat Email ActiveX component.
If you want to use and re-distribute this component you must buy a license directly from the author. Cost is around $100 and it allows you redistribution (subject to their terms and conditions).
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further clarifications.
Let us know what product you are interested in, how you would like to pay and we will send you all the necessary information.
Newsletter Manager Pro Developer license v.12.5
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