Newsletter Manager Pro v.12.5

Email newsletter software

Newsletter Manager Pro is a self-hosted email newsletter software enabling you to:
- design, manage and send newsletters via email,
- import, build and manage mailing lists,
- track your email campaigns with real-time reports,
- send follow-up emails, segment your mailing lists and a lot more.
Newsletter Manager Pro is a complete email marketing software.
Windows servers email marketing software
For Windows servers and MS Access, SQL Server, mySQL. Click here for Linux.

How it works

  • Self-hosted, for shared, cloud or dedicated Windows servers (IIS).
  • Databases: MS Access, SQL Server or mySQL.
  • One time license fee. Installed on your own server.

Mailing list management

  • Unlimited subscribers and mailing lists.
  • Suppression list management.
  • Customizable subscriber landing pages and greeting emails (welcome/goodbye etc).
  • Subscriber area where they can login and update their profile.
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Newsletter design

  • Integrated Html editor optimized for newsletter design.
  • Extensive newsletter personalization (incl landing pages).
  • Send html, text or multi-part newsletters. Send a web page by the URL.
  • Templates manager.
  • Send attachments and images as inline (embedded).
  • Automatic saving of newsletters while editing (no more lost changes).
  • Newsletter rating system.
  • Smart link for reading a newsletter in your browser, forward to your friends.
  • Integrated newsletter archive (web page & API).
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Opt-in/-out & importing emails

  • 3 different opt-out actions.
  • Ask for opt-out reason.
  • Double opt-in.
  • Opt-in form wizard. Save, edit your forms.
  • Import subscriber emails from csv/txt files, or Excel sheets with field mapping.
  • Imports from external databases (data sources).
  • Add/remove subscriber API.
  • Anti-spam laws compliant.

More advanced concepts

  • Mailing list-segmentation.
  • Follow-up mailing lists and campaigns based on clicks & opens (or not).
  • Demographic & tracking-based mailing filters.
  • Segment subscribers while importing from external databases using custom SQL.
  • A/B split-tests (by using mailing filters).

Sending email campaigns

  • Single one-time email campaigns.
  • Send periodic and recurring email campaigns (using any scheduling utility or the NPro Windows service add-on).
  • Send birthday newsletters (automatically).
  • Change sender settings on the go when creating a campaign.
  • Send in batches (to ease the server load and improve deliverability).
  • Use your own SMTP servers or external (3rd party). You may also send using the pick-up method (cdo, cdonts).
  • Multiple SMTP servers that rotate with every batch.
  • Ssl/tls support. Custom STMP headers.
  • More technical information

Email campaign reporting and tracking

  • Extensive reporting at multiple levels.
  • Awesome interactive charts exportable to pdf/png
  • Email clients chart: what platforms your subscribers use.
  • Complete subscriber tracking even for single emails.
  • Real time clicks/views email tracking reports with all key ratios (open-rate, click-through etc).
  • Compare email campaigns and see aggregate reports from selected campaigns.
  • Track email campaigns also with Google analytics.
  • Trend (time-line) charts, list traffic, opt-out reports.
  • More about campaigns and reporting.

Efficient architecture

  • Clear distinction between these entities: subscriber, mailing list, newsletter, campaign.
  • The subscriber is someone from whom you have at minimum an email address.
  • The mailing list is a group of subscribers. A subscriber may belong to one or more lists.
  • The newsletter is the actual content that you send (by email).
  • The campaign is the activity of sending newsletters; you can create campaigns to all subscribers or to selected mailing lists. Any newsletter can be send to any mailing list.
  • The Administrator is the one who manages the whole system (you). You may have multiple administrator accounts (non-independent).

Sleek interface

  • It is designed to give you a rich working experience and improved productivity. Newsletter Manager Pro is a modern and responsive web-based email newsletter software that you use with your browser.

License model

  • One-time license fee. No monthly fees and no per email fees. You acquire your own licensed copy to install and use on your own server. Includes 12 months of free updates, support and free installation if you need it. Buy extra licenses at 30% discount.

For all languages and countries

  • Attention is paid to the needs of non-English speaking users by adding many localization capabilities. The administration panel is multi-language and already available in several languages. It is easy to translate to any language by editing a single file. Newsletter Manager Pro is widely used in every corner of the world.

Easy to install and simple to use

  • Instant deployment. Be live in about 10-15 minutes. Free installation if you need it. Active after-sales support.
  • Be productive immediately. We are delighted to hear from our customers how easy to use this application is. Unlike similar products the user interface is quite intuitive.
    No programming skills needed in order to use Newsletter Manager Pro. We have taken every possible effort to make an easy to use and intuitive newsletter and mailing list management system having in mind the average non-technical user.
Newsletter Manager Pro welcome screen
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Newsletter Manager Pro welcome screen in Portuguese
It is feature packed and brilliant to use and has already generated a great deal of business for us.
Daniel, UK
Newsletter Manager Pro v.12.5
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