Newsletter Manager Pro v.12.1

Newsletter management and design

Newsletter management is a key activity in email marketing

The design and content of your newsletters determines engagement.
Engagement refers to the degree of interaction between your subscribers and your newsletters. It is measured by various clicks and views ratios and is affected by:
  • Content relevancy. Are you sending the right content to the right people?
  • Is your design visually attractive? Is it readable and responsive to modern email clients?
  • Is the newsletter coherent? Does it pass your message? Does it have a clear call to action?

Here is how Newsletter Manager Pro can help you with newsletter management and design.

Newsletter editing

You can create unlimited newsletters that you can use in your campaigns, in your greeting emails and as landing pages.
Any newsletter can be used in any campaign with any choice of lists.
  • An integrated rich html editor specifically customized for newsletter design is included to compose your html newsletters.
    Another editor for plain text newsletters with hard-wrap feature so you know exactly what your subscribers will receive is included.
  • Send Html, Text or multi-part newsletters.
  • Auto-save feature: Newsletter Manager Pro automatically saves your work as you keep editing.
    Our guarantee: you will never lose your changes when working on a newsletter.
  • You have integrated file managers for your attachments and images.
  • Templates management: you can save any newsletter as a template for future use. You can import html files or grab content from a remote URL and save it as a newsletter.
    You can paste your own html code (or content) that was designed in other applications (Dreamweaver etc.).
  • You can have anchor links in a newsletter and this enables you to have a "table of contents" at the top of your newsletter. You can use image maps in your newsletter with click-able areas (links).
  • Send images as inline (embedded) with Persits AspEmail, Cdo(sys) and Cdonts email components. Learn more about embedded images.
  • The newsletter editor also gives you the options to create a copy of a newsletter and create a text version of an html newsletter.
  • Newsletter tags: tags are categories that assist you in your newsletter management and archiving.
    You can define your own tags. A newsletter can have multiple tags.
Html newsletters
Html newsletter editor
Smart links

Newsletter personalization and enrichment

Newsletter personalization (merging): you can extensively personalize all your newsletters, those you use in campaigns, as greeting emails but also as landing pages.
In case of emails you can personalize also the subject lines. You can have an email subject like 'This is only for you Smith' instead of 'This is only for you Subscriber'.
This is done by using the "Tag" menu of the html editor.

Smart links

  • Forward to your friends
    This link redirects the subscriber to a special built-in page where he can forward this newsletters to 5 other email accounts. These "forwards" are counted and appear in your statistics summary report.
  • Social media links
    Facebook like/share this newsletter and visit our page icons and buttons.
    Tweet this newsletter. Visit our Twitter page.
    Google+ and LinkedIn share buttons.
  • Confirmation link
    This is a special type of link that you use when you want the subscriber to confirm (verify) his subscription.
  • Our privacy policy
    Another built-in, customizable page and a handy link for your subscribers. You can explain your privacy policy in this page.
  • Public newsletter archive
    You may set your newsletter as public or hidden. When hidden they do not appear in the newsletter archive.
    The newsletter archive is SEO and mobile friendly.
  • Newsletter rating links: you can ask your subscribers to rate your newsletters and you can see these statistics in your reports.
  • Read the newsletter in your browser
    This is a very handy feature for many reasons.
    Since modern email clients block image downloading (unless you are a trusted/safe/verified sender for your subscriber), it is a good way to start your newsletter with such a link "Cannot see images?..Click here".
    It feels better to read a newsletter in a browser window. The newsletter looks nicer.
    It is safer in cases where the subscriber's email client is old or problematic.
    The view of this page is captured.
    All clicks from this page are captured.

Send a welcome newsletter with a new sign-up

  • Think of this as a one-time auto-responder. You can select an html (or text) newsletter that will be sent automatically when a new subscriber subscribes.
    This option is independent of the welcome, goodbye and confirmation messages.
  • By using this feature you can get more people to sign-up to your newsletter.
    A good and proven way to get more people to sign-up to your newsletter is to offer them something they deem valuable for free; a gift.
  • This can be a case study, a report, a survey, a sales coupon or any other information or offer that your would-be subscribers may consider valuable.
    It can be in the form of software, gadget, e-book, pdf or other doc. Or perhaps a link to page that they can read online, watch a video or a presentation.
Newsletter saving
Newsletter forwarding
Facebook like in newsletter archive
Newsletter Manager Pro v.12.1
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