Newsletter Manager Pro v.12.1

Mailing list management

Mailing list management is a key activity in Email marketing

  • A mailing list is a group of subscribers who have some common characteristics or interests.
    Organizing your subscribers with mailing lists enables you to perform more targeted and focused email marketing.
  • You can create as many mailing lists as you like. You may have hidden and public mailing lists. When hidden they are not presented in the subscriber's account area (where they can login and update their profile).
  • Subscribers can be assigned to multiple lists.
  • You have utilities to add, remove, copy subscribers between lists. Find unassigned subscribers. Delete them or assign them to a mailing list.

Importing subscribers (email lists)

Similarly you can manage an unlimited number of subscribers and you have many options to import your email lists.
  1. Import from a csv/txt and Excel files with field-column mapping.
  2. Quickly copy-paste a list of emails and import.
  3. Connect to an external database (Access, MS SQL Server, mySQL) and import your subscribers directly. You can save these connections as data sources. Very powerful feature that you can also use to synchronize your lists. Example: you can periodically run this utility and only import the new entries (subscribers) that are found in your source database.
When importing you can apply opt-out filters so you don't accidentally import subscribers who opted-out in the past.
Other utilities
  • You have quick (auto-suggest) and advanced search for subscribers.
  • You can export subscribers to to csv files.
  • You can quickly delete subscribers by entering their emails in a form.
  • Suppression (scrub) list: also called "do-not-email list" or "black list". By adding your subscribers to the suppression list you ensure that you will never accidentally email them.
  • Besides the most common subscriber fields (name, address, phones etc) you will also find 3 custom subscriber fields to define as you like.
Mailing lists
Subscriber profile page
Importing subscribers
Importing subscribers

Opt-in form builder

    The integrated form builder has some handy features:
  • The builder creates ready-to-use html code that you can place in any web page (html, asp, php, aspx pages etc).
  • You can integrate the forms using an iframe with one line of code (dynamic integration) or by copying-pasting the html code (static). Should you choose the iframe approach then the form becomes responsive and captcha enabled.
  • You can save the form, get the code, edit it, apply your styles and save it again. You can see sign-ups by form.
  • You can choose which fields to include in the form and whether they are required for the subscriber to complete.
  • You can add a captcha, a link to your privacy policy and more. Subscribers may select whether they prefer HTML or text newsletters.
  • You can present your mailing lists with checkboxes or embed them as hidden.
  • Validation errors are presented inline avoiding unnecessary page loads and redirects.

The opt-in process

You have total control of the subscriber experience: what happens, what they see after opt-in/-out.
  • You have an integrated messaging system with 3 sets of greeting emails and landing pages:
    Confirmation-required, Welcome, Goodbye (and Welcome-back).
    These emails and pages are fully configurable and personalizable (you use newsletters). Certain emails can be switched on/off and you may also set your own URLs to redirect a subscriber after each action.
  • The opt-in forms, the greeting emails and landing pages are tied to an administrator account. They can be different for every administrator.
    This enables you to have a different opt-in process for each form: different greeting emails and landing pages.
    With this approach you can place sign-up forms in different web sites and handle the opt-in requests differently all from a central installation of Newsletter Manager Pro.
  • Upon subscription, the complete form details are automatically sent to the administrator by email.
  • The exact time and the subscriber's IP are recorded.

Double opt-in

Newsletter Manager Pro has a double opt-in confirmation system (also called double opt-in verification). Using it is optional. How it works:
  • When double opt-in is active, after the subscriber submits his email for the first time he is automatically subscribed with the status of unconfirmed (or unverified).
  • An email is automatically sent asking him to click a personalized confirmation link.
  • He clicks the confirmation link and becomes confirmed (verified). A second email is automatically sent telling him that the subscription completed successfully.
  • The subscriber's IP and the exact date & time of confirmation are recorded.
You may send campaigns as confirmation reminders to subscribers who failed to complete the verification process or after manually importing a list which you need to verify.
You also have a utility to delete unconfirmed subscribers older than a time period that you specify.

Benefits of using double opt-in

  1. It ensures that no person can subscribe someone else out of malice or error.
  2. You can ensure that nobody is spamming your system.
  3. You raise your credibility and show your organization as a serious email marketer.
  4. You maintain a high quality mailing list and this means more effective email marketing.
  5. Double opt-in is a legal requirement in come countries.

Opt-out processes

Newsletter Manager Pro offers 3 different opt-out actions/links that can all be included in the same newsletter (campaign):
  1. List opt-out: the subscriber opts-out from the list he belongs and the newsletter was sent to.
  2. Global opt-out: the subscriber is completely removed from your system.
  3. Update account: the subscriber can log in and update his subscriptions and personal details in a page that's included in the software.
With the first two you can ask the subscriber to enter the reason for opting-out. These reasons are saved in your database and you can see them in your administration panel. This is a great way to see why people opt-out from your newsletters and take corrective action.
All opt-outs are saved and you can see them. The date/time and IP address are also recorded. Furthermore, when you import subscribers you have options to exclude those who earlier opted-out.
Automatic email alerts are sent to the administrator when a subscriber opts-out (can be turned on/off in the admin panel).
Opt-out links
Opt-out reasons
Form wizard
Verification email
Confirm subscribers
Newsletter Manager Pro v.12.1
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