What is email marketing? What type of software you need?

  • Email marketing is a form of direct electronic marketing using email for communicating commercial or other kind of messages to a target audience.
  • Email marketing is direct, fast, personalized and cost effective. In fact email marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment) than any other marketing activity.
  • It provides easily measurable results perhaps more than any other form of marketing. With the right software you can track clicks, views, bounces and opt-outs. You can segment subscribers, focus and follow-up, acquire feedback for other marketing efforts and more.
  • Email marketing is not just for businesses. Non-profits as well as other types of organizations (schools, clubs, unions etc) can benefit from it by enhancing communication with their members.
  • Email marketing is a process. It should be seen as a subset of your marketing activities and it should be integrated into your overall marketing plan.

Key activities in email marketing

  • Use the right email marketing software to capture your web site visitors' emails or import your existing lists of emails.
  • Organize them into mailing lists.
  • Design personalized newsletters.
  • Send your newsletters.
  • View and analyze tracking reports (clicks, views etc).
  • Clean up your lists by processing bounced emails.
  • Follow-up with your subscribers.
  • Get feedback and continuously improve all the above steps.

With email marketing you can:

  • Communicate with your customers, employees, suppliers, peers, members, contacts and friends.
  • Announce your new ideas, products and services.
  • Inform about developments in your business and field of interest.
  • Send discount coupons, announce special offers, send seasonal and holiday greetings, advertise sales promotions.
  • Keep your customers and prospects -in touch- with periodic newsletters.

Our email marketing software can help you

  • Newsletter Manager Pro and nuevoMailer fully support all these activities.
  • They are easy to set-up and fast to deploy. Built around widely used technologies (PHP, ASP, Windows, Linux, SQL Server, mySQL).
  • You can create your own custom sign-up forms, add them to your web site and start collecting emails from your visitors.
  • Run your newsletter campaigns and see real time reports.
  • Easily segment your subscribers and create follow-up campaigns with a single click.
  • Your email marketing management will become easier, efficient and more effective.
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