Newsletter Manager Pro v.12.5

User's guide & API docs

User's guide

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Currently there are three APIs for Newsletter Manager Pro.
APIs are implemented as simple as possible and it takes 3-5 lines of (copy-paste) code. They are JavaScript based (xmlhttp) and designed to work in any programming environment/language. They are easy to install and configure simply by following the included examples.

Newsletter archive api

Display a newsletter archive, dynamically generated from your nuevoMailer database in any page of your website.

Add / remove subscriber api

With this api you can trigger a silent subscriber insertion (or deletion) from another page in your website.
Some examples: use it in contact forms, order processing pages, landing pages, legacy/external newsletter forms etc.

Opt-in form api

This api enables you to dynamically embed in any website an opt-in form that you have created and saved in your Newsletter Manager Pro installation. You have two alternatives:
  • With an iframe: in this case styling is applied to the form and becomes responsive when needed. You can edit these styles.
  • With a Javascript/jQuery $get: in this case the form is appended on an existing page container that you have at your web page and no styling is applied
Newsletter Manager Pro v.12.5
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