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  • Newsletter Manager Pro (NPro) runs only on Windows servers.
  • nuevoMailer runs both on Linux and Windows servers.
Newsletter Manager Pro nuevoMailer
Price (USD) $69 $124
Self-hosted, self-managed
Windows servers
Linux servers -
Supported databases MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL MySQL, MariaDB
Built with Active Server Pages (Classic ASP) PHP
Shared, cloud and dedicated hosting
License model
One-time lifetime license. 12 months free updates.
30% discount on renewals or additional licenses.
One-time lifetime license. 12 months free updates.
50% discount on renewals or additional licenses.
Available in several languages See options in the demos. You can easily add your own language.
Newsletter design NPro nuevoMailer
Html newsletter editor Very interactive with smart menus, auto-save etc. More extendable, integrates with other external newsletter editors.
Text newsletter editor
Send html / text / multipart newsletters
Send a web page by the URL
File manager for images, templates, attachments, data files
Send attachments
Templates management
incl thumbnail preview
SEO & mobile friendly newsletter archive
Smart links: read newsletter in your browser, forward to your Friends
Newsletter personalization (merging) Extensive
Save a copy, create a template, create text version
Voting / rating per newsletter
Encoding (character set per newsletter) Global but also for each newsletter.
Send images inline (or embedded)
Mailing list management NPro nuevoMailer
Unlimited subscribers and lists
Customizable subscriber fields Fixed. Most common properties included (names, address etc). Fully custom. You may set them up as text boxes, drop-down menus, radio buttons, date-calendar, checkboxes.
Export subscribers to csv
Import subscribers from csv, txt files Advanced with field mapping.
Import / synchronize from an external database Also sync with a cron job.
Import from Excel -
Quick search with auto-suggest
Advanced search With more options
Capture and store birthdays. Send birthday newsletters. With more automation options using autoresponders
Opt-in/-out NPro nuevoMailer
Opt-in form builder with optional captcha ✔ Advanced. Save, edit forms. See sign ups. Static and dynamic integration.
Custom subscriber landing pages and emails,redirection URLs (thank you, welcome etc) Defined at admin level. Defined globally and for each list using the custom list settings
3 types of opt-out links
One-click opt-in/-out with special newsletter links
Subscribers can login to a personalized area and update their profile
Double opt-in subscriber confirmation system
Ask, save and store opt-out reasons
Import opt-outs from csv/txt files
Reporting NPro nuevoMailer
Clicks-views and related ratios In depth, multiple levels You also have: distribution reports, geolocation reports, activity reports and a lot more.
List traffic report, opt-outs report, top links report, email clients chart, timeline chart
Campaign comparison and aggregate reports
Export reports to Excel, export charts to pdf/png
Google Analytics support: automatic link parsing
Other features NPro nuevoMailer
Email sending methods SMTP local/remote and pick-up.
Works with all major email components in classic asp (*).
SMTP local/remote, Amazon SES, PHP-mail or SendMail (local MTA), PowerMTA.
Multiple SMTP servers With rotation on every batch. With rotation on every batch. Plus load balancing within a batch.
SMTP compliance Both are compatible with any standards-compliant SMTP server and popular MTAs such as MS Exchange Server, MS IIS, MailEnable, IMail Server, SmarterMail, hMailServer, Merak, PostFix, Exim, SendMail, Qmail, Zimbra and more. Practically everything.
Other SMTP options Tls/ssl supported for most important email components. Tls/ssl support. Close and re-open connection periodically, send rate per minute or second.
Complaints processing (feedback loop) -
Multi-threaded sending - Plugin
Edit, pause/resume a campaign
Schedule a campaign to run in the background Needs the scheduler add-on or a cron-like service for Windows Integrated, enabled with cron
Process bounced emails Requires the bounce manager add-on Integrated. Runs manually and with a cron job.
Campaign log files
Send in batches: x emails in z minutes
Recurring campaigns Requires the scheduler add-on or a cron-like service for Windows Integrated, enabled with cron
Send a series of newsletters -
A/B split tests Can be done indirectly using filters. Powerful, automatic, use unlimited newsletters, see report.
Autoresponders Based on birthday and subscription date One of the most advanced autoresponder systems. Use birthdays, any date field, list sign up date, multiple follow-ups at minutes/hours/days after.
Email triggers - Advanced
Custom list settings - Sender profile, landing pages, smtp servers and more. More
Transactional emails - Using the api
Follow-up campaigns Manually Several automation options using autoresponders and/or triggers.
Follow-up mailing lists (segments) Manually based on clicks-views With more options using triggers.
Sending filters, follow-up filters
Compact & repair for Access database Not applicable
Price (USD) $69 $124
Product details Read more Read more
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Optional modules NPro has two optional add-on modules for campaign scheduling and bounced emails processing. These have some special requirements.
Bounced processing add-on $29 Details Integrated
Scheduling add-on $39 Details Integrated
* Supported email components for Newsletter Manager Pro
CDONTS, CDO, Persits AspEMail, Soft Artisans SmtpMail, Server Objects AspMail, Bamboo smtp, Jmail, Dundas Mail, ASP SmartMail, OCX mail, EasyMail (QuikSoft).
Attachments are supported for: CDONTS, CDO, Persits AspEMail, Soft Artisans Smtp mail, Server Objects AspMail, Jmail, Dundas Mail, ASP SmartMail, EasyMail by QuikSoft.
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