Newsletter Manager Pro v.12.5

Server-based bulk mailing software

The most easy to use and yet feature rich bulk mailing software tool designed for Windows servers.

Newsletter Manager Pro will assist you in the following areas

  • Bulk mailing and newsletter blasts.
  • Email marketing.
  • Create sign-up forms and collect your website visitors emails.
  • Send and track email campaigns.
  • Mailing list building, nurturing and management.

Newsletter Manager Pro is ideal for

  • Those who need an in-house, self-hosted and self-managed solution for bulk mailing.
  • Businesses, non-profits or other organizations that engage in email marketing with their customers, prospects, employees, partners or other parties.
  • Any website that wants to build a mailing list.

Other features

  • It is anti-spam compliant and ideal for permission-based email marketing.
  • Offers double opt-in. The IP and date/time is recorded when a subscribers confirms the subscription and opt-outs.
  • Instant handling of opt-outs. And you have opt-out filters to avoid re-importing subscribers who opted out and suppression list mechanism.
  • Complete data ownership. It is installed on your own server and you have complete control over your policies and data.
  • Also for intranet use. Many organizations use it to distribute electronic news bulletins internally.

Server-based and web-based bulk mailing software advantages

  • It actively complements your existing online business or website. Users cannot subscribe to your personal computer.
  • You can not have clicks, views and other reports when you send newsletters with a desktop-based software.
  • You can use it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a browser!
Newsletter Manager Pro v.12.5
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