Newsletter Manager Pro v.12.5

After-sales support and updates


Free installation service (if you need it).
Installing Newsletter Manager Pro is rather easy and includes the following steps:
Upload the files to the server. By default it uses an MS Access database. You may need to give "write permissions" to the database folder.
If you plan to use SQL Server or mySQL then you will create the database tables (scripts provided) and edit the connection details in the settings file.
Should not take more than 15 minutes.
There is a Set-up guide in your package that explains all steps in detail.

After sales support

You will enjoy top-class free support for 12 months after your order.
Support is done by email and occasionally by phone or chat.
As a customer you have a dedicated account menu you can create support tickets.
Expect a response in 1 to 12 hours, depending on your location and time of ticket submission.

Free updates

You will have access to the latest updates for 12 months after your order.
Anytime there is a new release you will receive a newsletter.
After 12 months?
Since you also have 50% discount for repeat orders after your 12 months grace period you can place a new order with 50% discount. Such customer discounts can also used to acquire new licenses for new installations.

Advice and counseling

It is very interesting to know how our customers use Newsletter Manager Pro and how it helps them in their email marketing objectives. You will receive free advice and counseling on topics such as:
  • Improving your technical infrastructure.
  • Design better newsletters.
  • Optimize email deliverability.
  • And in general how to make better use of Newsletter Manager Pro.
Newsletter Manager Pro v.12.5
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