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Web-based newsletter software

Server-based email marketing software for managing mailing lists, design newsletters and send them by email.

Windows servers email marketing softwareA self-hosted newsletter software for managing your mailing lists and sending your email campaigns.
  • For Windows servers running IIS. Supported databases: MS Access, SQL Server, mySQL.
  • Optimized for each database for resource intensive tasks.
  • Capable for managing large mailing lists.
  • Bounce processing & Scheduling add-ons.
For email marketing
  • Newsletter Manager Pro enables businesses and other organizations to engage in targeted email marketing.
  • Targeted email marketing is considered as the most effective, low cost method of electronic marketing. See why
How can our software help you
  • Improve the management of your mailing lists and newsletters.
  • Collect emails from your website visitors and start sending newsletters.
  • IT professionals can offer a mailing list management and newsletter software solution to their clients.
  • As a business and you want to engage in email marketing with your customers and contacts.
  • Use our newsletter software in your company's intranet to send important newsletters within your organization.
  • Is it the right product for you? Learn more
Linux and Windows servers mailing list softwareEmail marketing software for Linux (and Windows) servers in PHP/mySQL.
Feature highlights
  • Design or import html templates and personalize your newsletters.
  • Real time views & clicks tracking of your newsletters.
  • Do mailing list segmentation and send follow-up emails.
  • Fully custom welcome/goodbye landing pages and emails for your subscribers.
  • Send html, text and multipart newsletters. Send a web page as a newsletter by the URL.
  • Automatic online newsletter archive.
  • Various mailing list management utilities.
  • Opt-in form builder.
  • Send birthday newsletters and and set-up auto-responder (follow-up) campaigns.
  • Use double opt-in when collecting subscriber emails.
Your benefits
  • One time license fee. You install it on your own server and use it as you like.
  • For shared and dedicated hosting.
  • Our newsletter software is easy for beginners and powerful for expert users. Easy to install and use.
  • Read what clients say.
  • Widely used all over the world.
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